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Message from the Universe: Reading for 1/12/19

Another Saturday, a more indepth spread. This time, I am using another basic four card spread called “Message from the Universe,” which can be found in the Shadowscapes book.

I didn’t have a specific intention with this one. Just want to know what the universe has to say to me.

Cards are arranged as follows:





ace of swordsCard #1: Ace of Swords. This card is haunting me lately! This is the third time it has shown up, so it must really have something to say to me. This position represents the body – how you care for it, honor it (or not).  This card represents beginnings and cutting away obstructions. I think I had mentioned previously that I had been trying a new diet and fitness program. I really fell off the wagon the end of last week. I had a lot of mental and emotional stress, and that just made everything worse about trying to keep with any sort of fitness. I think this card is now telling me that it is a new day, and next week is a new week, and I can always begin again. Get through the obstacles in my path and go.

judgmentCard #2: Judgment. Such a beautiful card! I absolutely love this. This position represents the heart – how you protect it, how you share your love with others, and emotions. This card is as it says (a judgment) but doing so as to bring a renewal, the “freshness of a new dawn.” In the heart position, I don’t think it has to do with how I love others, other than perhaps I need to show it more, but also how I show love to myself. I generally hate my self and definitely don’t treat myself right.

queen of pentaclesCard #3: Queen of Pentacles. The position of this card reflects the mind – the way you see and think about the world or the way you approach problems. I wish I approached problems like a Queen! She looks so wise and serene. I definitely don’t approach anything quite like that. This card represents a generousity and warmth of spirit, security in your position in life. It also has aspects of creative energy. I need to pour these aspects into my current mental state.

Seven of SwordsCard #4: Seven of Swords. The position of this card is directed at the spirit. The message from the universe directed towards it. Sort of an overall message to sum up the reading. I have had this card before as well. It represents a shirking of responsibility. Trying to elude what you need to do. Breeding pessimism. I think I was starting to give up on a lot of things this past week, especially towards the end of the week. I think this card is chiding me just a bit. This entire reading is telling me to get back to work, treat myself better, forgive myself, and don’t fall into despair. Pick yourself back up. Get back in the saddle. Pick your metaphor.

So that’s what I’ll do.


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