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Tarot Draw of the Day: 1/11/19

Today’s Daily Draw: Ace of Swords

ace of swordsThis is the first time this has happened. I pulled the same card as yesterday. And I did shuffle the deck several time and drew a card from the middle somewhere.

So let’s see. Taking into consideration events that happened yesterday (nothing major, but every day has something), it does seem like this is a time of new beginnings in my life. We had a meeting at work discussing how this is the best team they have ever had and they are ready to discuss making some changes and improvements to certain procedures. It really makes me feel like I am part of something there, which is nice. It does feel good to have a work family again, where everyone really does care about each other and wants everyone to pull together and succeed.

Still really tired, but the weekend is almost here. Plus, we might get some winter weather this weekend, so there is a chance I won’t be at work on Monday. More time to rest.


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