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Tarot Draw of the Day: 1/7/19

Today’s Daily Draw: Seven of Pentacles

seven of pentaclesI’m feeling very discouraged right now, and I’m not sure why. My body is hurting, I am very tired, my diet and exercise plan completely fell apart yesterday. I did okay throughout the week though, so it’s time to climb back on the horse today, as it were. I just need motivation.

This card has very oddly shaped fruits hanging from a tree branch, bearing the pentacle symbol. At the bottom, a young fae creature is picking the fruits and putting them in her basket. So it is a harvest. She is reaping the rewards of her patience, of nurturing her tree or other plants. This tells me that I just need to be patient, keep nurturing myself and my plan and I will reap the rewards for it. That is so hard to do! Patience isĀ  not one of my strong suits, but I suppose I will have to do my best.

The artist’s interpretation has a bit more introspection. The dryad is trying to decide whether or not to pick the fruit. Does she pick it and enjoy it now, or does she let it ripen even further, possibly to become even more desirable? It’s a good question, again coming back to patience, but also presenting a choice. To take what I’ve learned and give up, or to let my new practices continue to ripen into what they are supposed to eventually be. It’s so hard to do, but important nonetheless. I guess I’ll keep at it.