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Balancing Act: Reading for 1/5/19

Today, since it’s Saturday and I have more time, I thought I would do an actual spread instead of just a card pull. The one I have chosen to do is called Balancing Act and can be found in the book that comes with the Shadowscapes Deck. Only four cards, but let’s see what the have to say.

My goal or intention in this was just that I am feeling very overwhelmed and tired today. I need to know either what to do to feel better, or encouragement to know that I can handle everything. Or both. Both would also be good. 🙂

Cards are arranged as follows:


2               3


ace of pentaclesCard #1: Ace of Pentacles. This position is supposed to represent me and something I need to know about myself and how this situation is affecting me. The card has these lizards or salamanders on it, which according to the book, was a sign of good fortune in Ancient Egypt. Didn’t know that. This card represents the possibility of prosperity and abundance, seeds dropped into fertile earth, waiting to manifest.

That sounds promising!

knight of wandsCard #2: Knight of Wands. This position represents creation, what I am in the process of creating. The Knight rides a lion (everything about this card is awesome). The Knight of Wands card indicates progression towards a goal, heroism, and bravery. So, my interpretation of that is I am creating goals and really working on keeping them this time instead of throwing them aside when they get difficult.


Eight of PentaclesCard #3: Eight of Pentacles. I had this card earlier in the week! This position represents destruction, what is in the process of being destroyed. Going off my interpretation before, this card represented hard work, craftsmanship, and patience. I don’t necessarily think that any of those things should be destroyed, I think that maybe my attitude right now is trying to destroy them. Yes, trying to improve your life is hard work. That’s the point. You need to keep at it. Be patient.

knight of pentaclesCard #4: Knight of Pentacles. This position represents the environment affecting the world around me. This card is another Knight, charging ahead. Focused with an almost tunnel vision mentality. Methodical. Unwavering. This makes sense, especially if you could see how I set up my planner for the week. Lots of lists, lots of things to check off.  It sounds crazy, but it actually helps me feel calm. If I feel like I’m not getting anything done, I can look at the list and see that I have actually made progress.

Overall interpretation: It sounds like I’m on the right track. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed at times, normal even, especially when starting new things. I’m going to keep at it, working hard, and see what the next week brings.