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Tarot Draw of the Day: 1/3/19

Today’s daily draw: the Seven of Swords

This card is giving me some trouble. I’m having a hard time relating to it this time, especially since the thoughts and questions in my mind have to do with my daughter Seven of Swordsgoing back to school this morning. She has a very difficult relationship with school. On one hand, she likes it because she has some really cool teachers and her friends. On the other hand, she has some learning problems and has had a falling out with one of her best friends. This has triggered her anxiety a lot over the past month or so.

There is definitely a duality about this card, a light and dark. I’m not sure what the creature at the bottom of the card is, actually. There is something triumphant about this image though, so maybe the point is that there is a lot of good and bad and the thing to do is acknowledge it and work towards the good so you can succeed.

The artist’s interpretation is that this card is about escaping responsibility. That does make sense with my relationship with my daughter and her relationship to school. There is uncertainty there. The creature at the bottom of the card is a thief, trying to steal one of the swords, thinking he is getting away with it, but the swan at the top of the card sees him, even if he doesn’t realize. I am feeling more of a connection between this card and my question now. My daughter thinks she can escape her responsibilities and thinks that no one notices or no one is watching, when that is very much not the case. We both need to acknowledge this, acknowledge the good and bad of the school situation, and find a way to handle it.

That’s also two sword cards in a row. Wonder if I’ll get another one tomorrow.