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Tarot Draw of the Day: 1/1/19

Today’s daily draw is the Eight of Pentacles.

Eight of PentaclesThis card is vibrant compared to yesterday’s card! I’m not a big fan of spiders, but I do love spiderwebs, especially when they are dotted with dew. It’s so hard to believe that a tiny spider can do so much work, often times to be destroyed and have to be completely rebuilt. The pentacles are almost hard to see in this card – I missed them entirely when I first drew it. They are subtle, hidden, but there and ready to take on the day.

This year is a building year for me. I have had some health issues and some setbacks last year, but ended the year mostly on a high note. I need to keep that positivity, but also not be frustrated or anxious if I lose focus and miss a day or two keeping with my goals. It doesn’t mean that my goals and progress are destroyed, it just means that they need to be rebuilt.

Adding on to that, the artist’s interpretation is that spiders embody hard work, craftsmanship, and patience. It’s getting your hands dirty, losing yourself in a project, not just talking about doing it. You have to do the work to expect any sort of results, but also know that things sometimes take time. Do not be afraid of taking time. It doesn’t mean things aren’t happening, just that they are happening at their own pace.